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Simplify and Organize Your Marketing Strategy... and Save Time !!

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Why mess around with one of the most important aspects of your business… your marketing… especially your online and social media marketing.

Well… if you’re like most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs… your time seems to be stretched focusing on 10 different tasks. Unfortunately, none are getting the best of you or the attention they deserve. Each day feels like a repeat of the day before… with more to do and less time to do it in.

The words… “I need help” become your hourly mantra. At this time, your budget doesn’t allow you to hire all the people you wish you could. One thing is for sure… there are thousands of people or more who will greatly benefit from your products and services, yet they don’t even know you exist because your online marketing is lacking, and your social media marketing strategy looks likes scattered bread crumbs left for the birds to pick up.

Right now, you’re probably saying… “Has this Chick been spying on me? How does she know me so well?” Don’t worry, I haven’t been secretively following you around… I’ve been working on my own business and like you, I’m always looking for help.

My business strategy... find the best tools to maximize my time and create a reliable work flow which allows me to focus on important tasks. Using the right tools allows me to grow my business… and put many tasks on auto pilot… well almost.

When it comes to marketing, it was imperative to find the best marketing planner and scheduler. Something that would help my company plan and execute all our social media post, blogs, and newsletters.

Although we are a small company… our plan has always been to grow… which means our marketing planner must have the ability to grow with us.

After trying several different marketing and scheduling applications and online tools… the winner is CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is SWEET… it has everything you could wish for. Now, you get to be a kid in a candy store, only difference is this won’t make you sick… it will make you happy and give you your life back.

No longer do you need a half a dozen tools, hundreds of sticky notes, calendars, emails, docs, etc… to plan your marketing. CoSchedule is mission control for your entire online marketing strategy.

  • Everything in one place

  • Actually, get stuff done and have a life

  • Integrations that eliminate tool switching

  • Automate you social publishing

  • Blog management

  • Integrated email marketing

  • Work as a team… delegating task is easy!

Love visuals?? You’ll Love CoSchedule.

  • See your entire marketing schedule in one place.

  • Or use ‘View Options’… to see exactly what you want to see.

  • Customize and organize your stuff to work the way you do.

  • Personalize your calendar with color labels… oh YES!!

  • Use tags to simplify your search process and find content faster

  • Create Saved Views to quickly access what matters most to you.

Marketing Calendar…In One Place

Customize Your View

Promote Like A Team of Social Media Experts

  • Eliminate the guesswork in social scheduling…with ‘Best Time Scheduling’

  • Schedule dozens of social media messages in bulk. 

  • Instantly share content from anywhere on the web. 

  • Curate and share content with followers without ever leaving the browser.

  • Automatically Re-Use Your Best Social Messages without the manual work.

  • ‘ReQueue’fills in the gaps of your daily schedule with intelligence! It takes a look at your entire social schedule and uses ‘Best Time Scheduling’ to promote your messages at the most optimal times.

Easily Integrates with your Social Platforms and your Favorite Tools

  • WordPress

  • Google Analytics

  • Evernote

  • Google Docs

  • Asana

  • Slack

  • YouTube

  • ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.

  • Zapier, and more!

Now you can focus on driving traffic to your blog, landing page, sales funnel, or website.

WordPress Plugin

Most Importantly… Quickly know if your Marketing Strategy is Working and Make Improvements Fast

  • Now you can track your social performance across multiple profiles, so you know what's working (and what isn't).

  • Use real-time data to make updates to your social strategy, so you can continue to drive results.

  • Stop guessing at what will (or will not) resonate with your followers.

  • Utilize your social network reports to identify top messages AND create content you know your audience will love.

See What’s Working and What's Not

Now You and I both know... there's not enough hours in a day to do it all. No way... don't even try! This is why I had to find a better way and help my clients do the same!!

Finally... we can create a SIMPLIFIED and ORGANIZED marketing workflow for all our projects in one place and letting CoSchedule work its magic posting for us.

I'm definitely a person who loves to try things out first... and love it even more when we can try it for FREE!! CoSchedule lets you play around and learn how it works for FREE.

They have an incredible support team and tutorial videos that will have you filling up your calendar quickly. Go ahead... check out CoSchedule... you're going to love it!!


Keep Radiating Your Brilliantista®

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