We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are.

- Oprah Winfrey

Shari Kuster

Hi, Friend...



Before I go into my story… I’m curious about yours. Taking a guess, you’re brilliant, creative, and ambitious, with a passion for making a difference. Throughout your life, people come to you, asking for help in one way or another and you give it. You're excited for the opportunity to do something you love and are damn good at. Along the way, you provide massive value, produce results, improve situations, and more than likely change lives. 

Yet... you're not charging what your worth, maybe doing a lot for free, feeling overwhelmed running your business, and worst of all... letting doubt take over while you compare yourself to others. 

Let's end that story now. 

Leave all we touch,
better than we found it.

Shari Kuster

I Get It!

Like you, I've been the person people came to… Everything from business advice, website design, branding, graphic design, tech support, organizing, life coaching, health and financial advice, bookkeeping, taxes (ugh), and helping them find homes. Lucky for them, I rarely charged for my time or services.  

Not only were people coming to me, but I was also going to them! Sharing ideas to make business and life better. No surprise… CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, managers, and friends ran with my ideas saying, “Thank you... we appreciate everything you do for us.” Ah, those words… food for the soul. BUT… something was missing… my personal VALUE!​


For some reason... I resisted seeing what I did as valuable and worthy of charging for. It’s difficult to admit some of the things I did without charging. I'm still kicking myself... live and learn.

My  'KICK IN THE BUTT'  Moment

While having lunch with Lisa Nichols (from the movie, The Secret), she said to me... 

“STOP IT, Shari. No more giving it all away. You’re going to start charging. People with your talent and skills are being paid a lot of money for what you offer.” 

That was the day, I committed to build a profitable business and helping others do the same. Within a few weeks, I had clients lined up. Apparently, others can see your value long before you do. Today, I guide entrepreneurs through the process of uncovering their full potential. Supporting them through business development, branding, video marketing, and structuring systems to maximize time... turning their passions and skills into valuable and profitable businesses they're proud of. 

Giving will always be part of my life's story... that will never change. Now, I give from the overflow as I continue to grow, both in knowledge and income through my mentorship program helping women establish a success plan... for business and life. 

Now... It's Your Turn

You may have started a business or in the process of starting one now. Your intent has been to create a fulfilling, profitable business… ultimately, providing the lifestyle and freedom you desire.


To get your business going, you've already invested time and money in classes, online courses, listened to podcasts, read books, watched webinars and whatever else you felt you needed. After all that... you were left feeling frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and doubtful… saying, “Where do I even begin?”


I get it… You’re ready to create a successful business and done wasting time. You've probably asked yourself, “How are others able to do it all?”  


Here’s the secret, they don’t do it alone. I don’t know of a successful entrepreneur who has built their business by themselves, including me. We all need guidance and support. When I launched my business, I was lucky to have years of experience in organization, branding, video production, website design and marketing. Yet, to provide high value to my clients, I had to expand my experience even further. So... I hired my first coach… which wasn’t easy. After years of coaching others, I had to find someone who knew how to help me with my specific needs.


It’s essential to surround yourself by others for accountability, collaborative insight, brainstorming, delegating tasks that are outside your expertise, and guidance to help you create a plan of action that eliminates the disorganized chaos that comes from having a creative mind.   

What's Your Story?

  • Are you ready to drill down and find your passion... your niche... your market?

  • Are you ready to be paid what you're worth?

  • Are you ready to create a brand that inspires you to jump out of bed and serve your clients?

  • Are you ready to declutter and streamline your business and life?

  • Are you ready to up-level your marketing strategy? ... or begin to market your business?

  • Are you ready to gain clarity and map out a plan of action to achieve your goals?

  • Are you ready to align your business vision and life purpose?


You and I both know there's a lot of information out there... probably too much. It's creating more confusion, frustration, and doubt. One thing I know for sure, when we’re in doubt, we do nothing. You deserve clarity and a personalized plan of action to create the business that fits the lifestyle you desire... NOW, not someday.


 Courage comes from people believing in us,
knowing someone has our back,
and seeing others have courage.

Shari Kuster

before launching my business

Rewind the clock back to 2010, from the outside my family looked happy... married, 3 kids, stay at home mom, successful husband, big house, nice cars, etc. Well... Life is never what it seems. My husband worked all the time to support our family, the kids and I never saw him. This put stress on our relationship and life ... it wasn't what either of us wanted for our family.

​Not only was there a lot of stress on our family, part of me was unfulfilled.  The clock was ticking on my life... I had ambition, desires and a willingness to make a difference. I wanted to contribute to our family, the world... and still be there to raise my children. I had to take action... not only for me but for my kids. 


Our kids are watching us. They are learning from us daily. If we tell them they can do anything they desire... shouldn’t we be the ones to set the example?​ I believe... no matter what role we're in... Mom, Friend or Business Owner... we're constantly leading by EXAMPLE. Why not be a BRILLIANT EXAMPLE? Your impact really can make a difference. 


Being the Example

In November 2010, I was introduced to a wellness company... a network marketing company to be exact. Like most people, I'm a huge skeptic, but not closed-minded. Since I'm a huge fan of wellness, it definitely caught my attention. I was already sharing all my 'great finds' with friends, so, it just made sense. This was an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone, share my story, make a difference and potentially create a lucrative business.

In less than 18 months, I had partnered with hundreds of passionate people and together we generated well over a million dollars in sales. This allowed me to reach one of the top ranks in the company... proving success is possible.


Reaching one of the top ranks in a network marketing company is exciting. It made me do the 'happy dance', for SURE!!! The best part, is the person I became! Don't get me wrong, I was grateful for the six-figure income, too. 


The experience taught me a lot about people and the power of teamwork. It also, provided me with one of the best training grounds for building a successful business. Learning both what to do and what not to do, (that's a much longer list). Most importantly, I learned about leadership and helping others achieve their goals.  

Falling Down... Getting Back Up

On July 29, 2012... Life shifted. While in Orlando with my entire family, the right side of my face became paralyzed by Bell’s Palsy. I'll never forget the look on my kids’ faces. Like any health crisis, the timing was terrible. At that time, my business was booming... we had several all-expense paid trips coming up, one of which was to Hawaii. I was scheduled to speak in front of thousands of people in cities across the country. My husband and kids were extremely proud of my success... life was fulfilling. 

Then came the prognosis... Doctors said the paralysis would last maybe a couple of months. They were wrong. Not only did the paralysis not go away, I was also dealing with intense nerve pain in my face. Everything in my life and network marketing business was falling apart. Despite the fact, I tried to maintain a positive attitude in front of everyone, especially my kids. 


Here's what I learned... You can try to run or hide from pain. You can try to pretend that you’re not scared. You can try to give from an empty well. It won’t work. We have to give ourselves permission to heal.

We all have things we wish never happened, yet for me this experience provided a deeper understanding of people and a strong appreciate for the simple things in life.  Most importantly… Bell’s Palsy forced me to uncover WHO I AM… which was something I hadn’t stopped to figure out.


Years later, I'm still healing... yet, feeling more alive than ever. What keeps me going?… Love, resilience and my ambition to make a difference.

Determine To Serve Others

In 2014, the seed was planted to launch my own consulting business. It took almost two years to take serious action on it and believe I had value to offer. I struggled with self-doubt... "who is going to listen to me?" Despite all the doubt, I moved forward, knowing this is what I was born to do. Ultimately, it was the kick in the butt from someone I respected and the support of friends that gave me the confidence and the courage to take myself and my business vision to the next level. 


Now... it's all about You. Are you ready to take your business and life to the next level you deserve? 



SHARING SOME                 FACTS
More on the personal side...


✦ Favorite word... BRILLIANTISTA®... It's more than my company's name... it's the word I created to describe how I see women... brilliant, creative, ambitious, beautiful, passionate, powerful, caring, and capable of more than we know.  


✦ I'm the proud parent of 3 incredible adults... they're my driving force behind everything I do. Also, a Mimi... to my adorable grandbabies. Not sure how all this is possible since I'm only '28'.  


✦ Big time animal lover... currently have two dogs... Chavez (aka Mr. French) and Coco (aka Miss White). She's the adorable puppy in the picture above. You will see a lot of them on my social media pics. 


✦ Recently celebrated 26 years with my husband. It's crazy to think that I almost broke up with him a month after dating because I was scared. Lesson learned... don't let fear control you.


✦ Born a beach girl... spent my early childhood in Delray Beach... surrounded by a large family with all 6 of my grandmother's siblings, aunties, uncles, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins. My family was everywhere. The smell of the ocean can make me cry... happy tears!!


✦ I'm a Pisces, known for being creative, innovative and caring deeply... along with Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, George Washington, Michael Dell, Eddie Murphy, Ron Howard, George Harrison, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Sir Elton John, Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi, Michelangelo... and so many more. You should look up your sign... it will inspire you.  


✦ At 19 years old my college roommate and I saw Michael Jackson perform in a New York City nightclub... we were 5 feet from the stage. It was a total surprise. I can still remember the screaming!!


✦ My dream car is a Tesla... kicking myself for not investing in the stock when I had the chance. The big lesson... consider investing in new ideas and ask more questions. 


✦ In the early 80's I owned a Delorean (Back To The Future Car). Pulling up to a drive-thru was always fun.  


✦ Went to Disney World in Florida the first year it opened. Who remembers the booklets with the A, B, C, D, & E tickets? 


✦ Love to have a reason to dress up and go out... also love to get comfy and cozy. A balance of both is perfect for me. 


✦ My favorite fiction book... Tending Roses by Lisa Wingate. Read it when my youngest was just a baby. It brings back so many memories. Full of great life reminders. 


✦ Last year, I stopped eating sugar... with the exception of a little honey or maple... rarely. You must read every label... was shocked to see how much sugar is in the food most of us eat. Even foods you wouldn't think had sugar. This doesn't stop me from enjoying tasty treats... it's an opportunity to be creative.


✦ Looking forward to learning more about you... BRILLIANTISTA

 xo  shari